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patrick reif

Recycling A Kayak?

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I have kayak that I've punched an irreparable hole in.  I have welded it repeatedly, but it always fills with water before the end of my float.


I just bought another kayak, and want to get rid of the busted boat.


I'm going to check with the local recycling centers, but I'm certain that I'm SOL with those guys.  I may try the Winston-Salem recycling center as it's much bigger than my county's, but being a non-resident of Forsyth county, I may have to pay a fee in order to use their facility...if they'll take it at all.  I'm not paying a fee to do the right thing for the environment.


Any suggestions?

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Patrick, It may be a little bit of trouble or more time consuming than anything, But why not cut up into smaller pieces and then take it to the recycling center. I did this one time with a 14ft. fiberglass boat. I cut it up with a reciprocating saw and it fit neatly on the back of my truck. The guys at the recycling center had no idea it was a boat. They actually helped me unload it.

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Some auto body shops have plastic welders for repairing plastic parts on bumpers, fenders and grills etc. I remember there being about half a dozen different type of plastics that you had to have plastic rods to match each type of plastic. Kind of like melting your rubber baits back together after they get chewed up. Musky Glenn

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