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I would like to know if anyone can help me get the mixing formulas for these colors I would like to hand pour.

Dirty Sanchez ,Bad Shad Green, Houdini. These are reaction innovations colors on their skinny and little dipper baits. I usually use either 4oz or 8oz pours of plastic. I use either lure works or lure craft paints.

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Mike, I will get you a recipe for Dirty Sanchez and Houdini possibly later tonight.  If not by tonight, I will get them to you tomorrow.  I don't have a recipe for bad shad green unfortunately, but the other two I can help you with no problem.  If you would like to try for yourself, I will tell you that Dirty Sanchez is a brown green pumpkin and chartreuse/lime green laminate both with black flake.  The houdini I make is a brownish watermelon red laminate with a white pearl belly with .040 black flake, .015 gold flake and .015 copper flake.  If you look in the thread "Watermelon red flake again" you can find my recipe for watermelon red and go from there.

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thanks a lot! I will watch for them. Me and my buddy have been pouring for about 2 months now and we went to a open house last week to show off our stuff and it is blowing up! We took orders yesterday for 750 lil swim baits and those 3 colors are part of them.  We have figured out most of the colors we have been challenged with so far but having to pour over a 1000 baits this coming week that doesn't leave much time for experimenting if you know what I mean. I really appreciate the help.

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Bad Shad Green.......aka "Green Shad"........


4 ounces of plastic.....



1 drop black (smoke)

medium black flake

small silver flake

pinch of green hi-lite powder (this is the KEY!)



Pearl White


When poured or injected quickly enough, both colors will blend together and they should look pretty darn close to RI's version.  Otherwise, you can add the same flake to your pearl color.


Good luck! 

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Hey Ranger, I have misplaced some of my recipes and one of those happens to be my recipe for Dirty Sanchez but I do have a rough idea of what was in it.

Chartreuse Lime side 

1/2 cup plastic

1 drop white

4-8 drops chartreuse

6-10 drops Lime Green

.040 Black flake


The brown green pumpkin I can help you with (Exact color shown in pic)

1/2 cup plastic

6 drops Watermelon (LC)

6 drops Pumpkin Seed (LC)

4 drops Green pumpkin (LC)

.040 Black flake


For the Houdini recipe, what I have is as follows


Back color is watermelon red

1/2 cup plastic

3 drops Green Pumpkin 
1 drop Watermelon 
1 drop Natural
4 drops Lime Green 
.040 black flake
.015 red flake


Bottom color is a white pearl

1/2 cup plastic

3 drops white

Pearl Powder (just a touch)

.040 black flake

.015 copper flake

.015 gold flake

In the actual bait I think the copper and gold flake may be .035 but regardless of size, what ever you go with will still make a sharp looking bait.


Here is a pic of some baits I have.  The bottom bait is my houdini color with a greener watermelon than the recipe I listed above simply because I like it better that way.  The color listed above will be that browner color that RI uses.  Also on mine I use .008 gold flake and .015 copper flake with only a small amount of black flake which is why it looks different.  In all honesty, I did all that in a hurry just to give you an idea of how it will turn out.  You may want to try larger flake in it but that is up to you, I go for what I want my baits to look like (or what my customer wants).  Either way, good luck with it and let me know how it works out for you.



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