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Soft Bait Kit For A Newb

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Lowes or Home Depot + your tackle box + that drawer in your house where everything seems to pile up.... Plaster of Paris or Durhams Water Puddy for making molds, old worms n grubs for melting down, masters can be made out of anything from clay to wood to beads and tooth picks.... That was my starter kit... Then I got hooked and spent a bill online on a gallon of plastic, few colors and some glitter....

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who makes a good complete soft bait starter kit for a newbie

been doing jigs and so on for a while and would like to try soft baits

Lurecraft makes a good beginner's kit. It is what i am getting started with. Edited by Redneck
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I once defended the Jann's molds as a good learning experience, but I have to be honest.  Its a learning experience most people could do without.  I did just look at them and noticed they have gone to clamping screws instead of those stupid plastic clips.  


An aluminum injector, mold, plastic, glitter, and color is probably the best start if you want to just make some baits.  I personally favor silicone if you want to make molds without setting up a small machining operation, but many here like plaster of paris.  

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I find Durhams Water Puddy easier to work with than pop for making your own... Little stronger and MUCH easier to separate 2 piece molds!... Somebody sells a kit with clear plastic molds, these may be good for beginners to see what goes on inside

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