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Powder Painting Spinnerbait Heads?

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so how do you guys paint your spinnerbait heads?

I am having a hard time figuring out a way to keep the pain off the wire form and the hook shank and just paint the head only.

planning on building a fluid bed here in the very near future but right now don't have one just have the 2oz jars.

anyone give me some ideas or pics would be a huge help

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I second basseducer I spray, although I'd love to find an easy way to use a fluid bed, the guys above are right slots don't work, they are messy, plus if the wire touches the plastic from the cup, guess what happens?

Melted plastic strings everywhere.

A 3" fluid bed just fits my spinnerbaits, but I pour large ones, up to 1oz with 4/0 and larger than us wire forms, have to try my 2" again as the powder you need in the 3 is ridiculous.

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I would powder paint them the same way I do my jig heads.

I would grip the spinnerbait head by the wire with a pair of needle nose pliers, right between the head and the R bend.  I'd hold the wire so the tip of the pliers is close to the head, but leave a small gap so the whole head could  get coated.  

Then I'd heat the head over my heat gun, and swish it in the fluid bed.  The pliers would keep most of the heat from traveling up the wire and removing the temper.

Because of the shape of the wire with the R bend, I'd probably invest in a pair of bend nose pliers, so I could get a better angle when I dipped in the fluid bed.

I'm sure there are things that would come up when I tried the first several times, but that's how I usually solve my problems, anyway, through trial and error.

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First off...I never heat the spinnerbait head so hot that the powder paint gets to that nice glossy look on the first time with the heat gun.

 Way to hot if its doing that, If you can time it (18 count for me) on a 3/8 oz bait so that the PP is just that powdery look, no glossiness at all. then just take a brush our just use your fingers to swipe off the PP off the hook and wire coming off the head. Then put the bait back over the heat gun and then heat the PP to a nice glossy finish. Very simple and easy to do... good luck   Steve

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Until you get a fluid bed or air brush you can get by with brush tapping. Cadman is an expert at this and does amazing multi-color work. It's easy with one color but an art to do multiples. Tapping is also a way to get by if you don't have enough powder to dip a bait.

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The way I do it is like this for a fluid bed. Take a pair of forceps and grab the hook bend. Now take all of this to your heat source, and rotate the forceps so you can get even heat on the head only. Take forceps off and grab the wire form and immediately swish the head through the powder paint. That is your first color. If you want multiple colors use the tap method like Yo Al mentioned. I never get any paint stuck on my hook point or barb. It just doesn't happen for me. There are many way to powder paint. Find the right way that works for you.  You have to practice this process a lot to get what you are looking for. Practice makes perfect. Sometimes.

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Tj's are cheap on extra jars too, think I have 50 now, plan on moving to a fluid bed that'll hurt the pocket for cups!

If you make your own cups they are cheap.

Buy some knock out test caps put it in your precut PVC cup and knock out the center and discard. Remove the remaining ring and save it. Put you membrane over the bottom of your PVC then put the ring back on. Done. One cup ready to use.

PVC is relatively cheap to buy and cutting it is easy. Plus you can make any length cups you want. Most of my cups are 2" dia by 12" tall for big saltwater jigs.

I also have several 3" cups by 4" tall for doing smaller jigs.

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