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Bone Color Mix ?

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If you do a search on "bone" you'll find threads that address the question.


Bone color is in the eye of the beholder.  I start with opaque white, add drops of brown and yellow until I get what I want.


I do the same as Bob, except I use metalic gold from Folk Art instead of brown.  Enough Createx yellow to give the bait a yellow cast, and then a couple of drops of the gold to  "tarnish" it a little.

I think of bone as a warm white.

I used to paint a "dirty" bone with just brown, but it didn't get bit like the yellow/gold.

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I realize I am bringing this up from the past, but I have found a bone that I feel matches as closely as any I have found before. It is in the acrylic tube paints in Walmart, and the color is called CREAM. I just squeezed out some in a plastic bottle, added a couple heavy magnetic beads to help the mixing process when I shake it, and added 4011 reducer until I reached the consistency I needed. Adding reducer slowly and mixing thoroughly kept the paint from having any clumps and it sprayed really well through my .35 tip. Can't find my Wiggle Warts pictures I painted at the moment, but I think they were a dead match as far as my eye can tell to the old Bone color.

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I agree with BobP, it's to your taste. To me a bone color, is a soft white or a egg shell in some cases. I like this color for belly painting, example for a frog and tadpole schemes. This for me is a simple mix, pearl white with a touch of opaque black to taste. The black will take the white to a "flat" or a matte shade with leaving some of the pearl look. It also seems to leave a look of texture. Createx is the brand, but I'm sure any brand with these colors can create this look.

Take Care,


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