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Question Before I Start Making My Own Baits

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Hey there all, im currently wanting to get started in making my own baits! Ive researched this thoroughly, however i still have a question avout protection. Since this stuff gets extremly hot, is it worth it to buy something like a welding apron, or do you think a long sleeve shit alone will do the trick. I dont plan on accidents happening, but yet again, they are accidents! What do you guys wear when you pour.


My Plan:

Saftey Glasses

Cotton Mill Gloves


Long Sleeve Shirt





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I didnt plan on my accident either, but the scar on my hand is evidence that it happened!

GLOVES GLOVES GLOVES!!!... Leather work fine for me

Jeans work too (no scar on my crotch!)

I work in the oilfield, so i have plenty of FR (flame resistant) shirts, but any heavy long sleve would do

Apron is not a bad idea, would be easy to remove quickly in the event of a spill.... I dont have one, but may get one now that you mention it

The main thing is, none of this does you any good laying on the floor!... Use it, and use it EVERY time you pour!!!

"Im just gonna do one quick pour, i dont need my gloves"... HA!... Ill never say that again!!!

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glasses are the most important, then gloves. i wear short sleeves but im always standing up with plastic near the back of the work bench so it wont spill forward onto me if it does spill.


keeping a bottle or bowl of cold water nearby is a good idea incase you do get some on you, the water will cool it down fast.

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My fridge is 5 ft from my bench, the bathroom 5 ft the other way.. Only time i stand is to use one of these

I did spill hot plastic all over my lap, i could feel the heat through my jeans but THANKFULLY nothing in that area was burnt

Serious burns happen when the plastic sticks to your skin... Any piece of clothing can be pulled away or removed from the skin to stop the heat transfer

Worn over long sleves and jeans, I think even a cheap kitchen apron would be all the protection needed.... Preferably with some kinda flower pattern

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I dont pour much plastic(just remelts), but am going to be getting into it more, but i do have to say to never pour (or work around anything hot) in a synthetic shirt. things like Under Armor material, fake fleece. etc etc. It will all melt to your skin like butter and is very hard to get to come off. It will definatley take some skin with it. Ive done so before.... not fun. 

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