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Hagen's Wire Former

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I ordered the Wire Former from Hagen Sunday. Problem #1 the don't accept CC's on the web order page. You have to call when their open & give it to them. Problem #2 the Musky adapter kit won't be in stock for a month. Which means I'm either going to be making hand made Circle Turns or I'm shut down. Problem #3. I had to call in to get this info, they didn;t call me and tell me. Needless to say I'm not a happy customer.

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I only build inline spinners for myself, so this wouldn't apply to mass production. I bend .051" stainless with round nose pliers and it doesn't take as long as it does to bend in a bender. Just make sure you leave the tag end long enough to have plenty of leverage when bending. I use round nose pliers to hold the wire and do the bending with my thumb. I then cut the tag end off with side cutters, as I have never mastered the bend and twist method of breaking it off even. To get the hang of using round nose pliers, practice with smaller wire to get the method worked out. They will make a perfect circle with experience. Musky Glenn

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