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Making Your Paddle Tail Not A Paddle Tail?

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I bought a nice injection mold for a paddle tail swimbait. I want to make it into a jerkbait because the body has way more detail and better profile than any other fluke type mold I can find. I was wondering if there was any way I can add a different tail after the fact or by any other means. I don't really care what the tail is, (forked straight ect).

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If its worth the effort to you, this would be my solution:

Cut a tail you like off another bait.. Cut the paddle off the body you like.. Connect the desired tail and body together with a piece of thin wire.. Then mold the contraption in plaster

Of course then the nice aluminum mold you bought becomes worthless

So a more complex solution would be to block off the body of the aluminum mold (likely with the body of the bait).. And use the tail portion as a mold box.. Fill the tail cavity with RTV, and mold the desired tail within... The RTV mold would stay in the aluminum mold when injecting the bait......

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That's a really good idea sounds like a cheap way to have a semi custom mold. This thread has giving me some inspiration. Funny how some of the simplest fixes never cross your mind. Now all I need is a good paddle tail worm mold.

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Ive never tried the RTV/Aluminum method... Was only a suggestion

If you try it, please report back with your results

There are guys on here who can get the same or better quality baits out of a plaster mold compared to any aluminum mold you can buy

Im not one of them, but their methods are here in the archives..... If you're intrested, try a search on sealing plaster

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