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Alumilite Epoxy

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If the cost is in a area of a buck a lure to coat then it might sell. If it holds up and not to brittle then I am ready to buy. Epoxy coatings keep going up and I can't afford a five gallons or more. It would be nice to get something that is consistent and easy to purchase. But the 3 to 4 hours sounds good. I will be watching for your information.

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I have tested the Solarez uv for a while now. I invested a lot of money changing my whole operation over to uv. You don't want to use the acrylic modified polyester. Cracks on impact too easily. The dual cure gloss polyester resin is the toughest of the two. Gary is now blending me a resin that is super tough. It is $179 a gallon. I use it for a base and on some lures as a top coat. The rest of the time I use alumilite uv as a top coat. I have a lot of info on our tests. Gary at Solarez and Mike at Alumilite have been involved every step of the way. The lure epoxy that I am testing from alumilite doesn't seem to be any different than 30 min epoxy. I'm still in testing with it. Send me a number and it will be faster to chat about it than to wait on my awful typing skills!

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