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Don't have time for it anymore, but I used to do model train layouts. I did N scale size. Loved the detail I could get. I just love trains. Doing layouts, looking at old pics, finding a place to go to ride the old ones.


My wife was really into Z gage when I met her, but she was more of a collector than a builder.  

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I like to build rods, tie flies , modify or make my own jigs from blank molds, reproduce ancient stone tools ( flintknapping ), sculptures from driftwood, glass etching , make bracelets , love playing pool , drawing , painting , carving in stone . Here is a couple pics .

Like many too many fascinating things to see and do , not enough timeHardi.thumb.jpg.5e66e5156b230774ef2b5def10e7e088.jpg



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My interests evolve, carry through, wane, then I'm on to another. Sometimes they last a few months sometimes years.

I was a science teacher for 30+ years. The interest developed following NASA's push for the moon. I did amateur astronomy for awhile.

I am a graduate of the Maine school of Guitar making... i made a bunch and it help put myself through college with it. I also play a bit...

I've painted a bit... portraits mostly.carol.jpg.65abedee0a7ce19118812482125d2eaa.jpg   IMG_0254.jpg.4a6a0d5ce20062b470c56d1577f817d3.jpg

I've done a ton of woodworking, furniture and such...I've got a nice shop. I've built a couple of houses...everything except the foundation.

I've made a couple of boats, and a couple of campers.


Lately..  I make lures.... for awhile anyway. Oh... I fish too. To name a few.


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Great stuff; some of you are way skilled!  It's always cool to see what someone can do when they've taken time to get good at their craft!

I suppose woodworking and gardening are my current hobbies.  I spend a lot of time making and testing lures.  I've caught about 65 largemouth this month, mostly while fishing with my two oldest sons (5 and 3).

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Well since I’m brand new here it’s probably obvious that i am trying to add lure making to my list of hobbies. Over the past year i have been slowly adding tools to be able to fully make my own baits (primarily wanting to make my own swimbaits) picked up a very lightly used HD belt sander, bandsaw and drill press a while back. Added a set of flexcut knives recently and the wife got me the only real thing i asked for Christmas which is a brand new shiny iwata eclipse hp-Cs. Lots of little supplies have shown up in the last couple of weeks thanks to amazon and lure parts, really hoping to have my first swimbait done here in a couple of weeks. 

l bought my first boat about 2 years ago which was a old Lowe hustler pro 1754 aluminum mod v, and since bringing it home i pretty much spent the last two years completely rebuilding it gutted everything and did a full Jon to bass conv3rsion which took me Damn near a year alone so I’d say there for a long time boat building was my only hobby lol. 

used to be into sport bikes like it was life itself started on a 2000 r6, then came a Honda Cbr 954 (best machine I’ve ever owned) and then the last was a 2006 cbr 1000 (love me some Honda’s) a near fatal accident took my love for bikes away in 2013 and i haven’t ridden since. I don’t think i would ever get back on a sport ride because of my injuries would make it very uncomfortable, but i think one day i may pick up a cruiser since the wife loves to ride And having a rider on a sport isn’t exactly pleasurable. 

Other then the limited time i get on the water to fish i generally like taking on diy projects. Honestly the only reason i don’t add a lot of hobby’s to the list is simply because of limited funds. I dream of one day having a big shop and adding a lot of general machinery both auto and wood working, I’d love to make my own parts so CNc And 3D printing interest me a lot, and I’ve always wished ever since i started riding bikes that i could weld so if i ever get the funds I’d love a tig setup because to me the ability to weld aluminum is what I’ve always wanted (the best metal imo)

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Old post, but great read!  My other hobbies, play volleyball (not quite as good as i used to).  I've been hit by a bug, and an appreciation of vintage wood working equipment.  Specifically pre-WW2 era.  Just a certain quality and "weight" to these amazing old machines.  I love the Beaver equipment made in Canada.  Hope to have a huge collection someday.  

Along those lines as well, I've fallen in love with artifact hunting.  I have had the opportunity to do so for years, but never cared to much.   But these days, I love nothing more than walking the banks of the mighty Winnipeg river and looking for arrowheads, or any such artifact.  I've found a few amazing things.  As I get older, I seem to have more of a connection with the past. 

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I've built a lot of different things over the years. Mostly guitars and more recently it's been furniture like entry tables. I've picked up welding over the last couple years. Very novice, but I do a good enough job to make leg sets for tables. I built a boat when the covid thing started and sold it after its maiden voyage. And I'm also into jiu jitsu, which I like to describe as the art of folding clothes... While people are still wearing them. 

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