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Flex Coat

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Just wondering if anyone here uses Flex Coat as their epoxy coat. And if not why?

I've used it since this site was still the old site (pre TU). I love it, original high build at least.

Most of the complaints I have heard about it relate to the long cure time, and the need to use multiple coats. My baits get a base white coat, then FC over it. Once cured I shoot base colors-sides, bellies, backs, more or less. Then more FC. Detail is shot, dotted, etc on that layer of FC. Then another coat of FC. If using flake I add that now. Once cured, they get another final coat of FC. That seals the flake and makes the colors pop.

The multiple layers help add depth to your details. They also give you a chance to more easily wipe out mistakes when detailing.

There used to be a lot of info on FC here. It would be way back, like before I started the color recipe stickie. Think that was 2004 or 2005.

It is absolutely not a one coat finish. It holds up well, most of the wear ive had has been in the form of fine scratches from hooks and cover. When wet, they disappear. A quick smear of finish and some tape will fix those, like fixing gel coat scratches. It will chip if you chuck it into a dock corner, but most of the others will too. I have used it on everything from balsa square bills, to warts and wake baits. Think it also adds less weight, but never cared enough to check that.

Shoot me a pm if you want to try it and need any other help.

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I've been using flex coat high build for yrs as my clear coat.   I use two coats after painting and never had any issues.   I do let the mixed batch sit for about 5min for the bubbles to rise and then blow thru a straw to pop the bubbles.   Brush on and let the baits turn for 4hrs, the brush on coat #2 the next day.   I like the baits to cure 12 hrs before adding the 2nd coat and 24hrs before I fish with them.   I have been using the Ultra V high build since it hit the market.   Has all that uv stuff in it.

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