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Floating Jigs

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can anyone out there help me find some expandable polystyrene for floating jigs. i learned to make floating jigs with eps from a guy on ebay. his source for the eps has since dried up . looking for a pound or so of fresh made eps. in my experince the fresher the better it cures. the eps came in very small beads almost the size of salt grains looked like a bag of coke lol. everything i seem to come across on the net is too large. thanks for any help.

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Can anyone tell me why my floating jig heads sink after I clipped the little Barb off the top I put the beads in same way every time and I'll get it maybe one or two floating in the rest are sinking and for 2 days they all been sinking and I'm getting frustrated I'm using EPS that I ordered from haginson's and for some reason they're not doing anything

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If the bit that you trimmed off was EPS then you have removed some of the 'float' capability. From an engineering point; you have reduced the volume but kept the weight the same.

It would have been a good idea to start a new thread for this question.


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