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My "girly color"

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Just wanted to tell you that my secret color aka "girly worm" just got me a respectful 34th in the Wonbass Lake Mead Pro/Am. It is so fun to catch fish on something you made but to do it with professional fisherman and ohhh and awe them is a blast.

Sorry to toot my horn here but it is a soft plastic.


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Congrats on placing!

I posted a new tutorial in the soft plastic area of the tutorials section.

take a look.

Might help those accustomed to 1-part molds, make a full rounded bait.

I have at least 2 other tutorials concerning the silicone, 1 part & 2 part.

Oh & BTW, I second the notion of seeing that "girly color" you have no excuses here, Image uploads are readily available. :wink:


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Jerry, besides a select few, I think you have used the "girly color". I think along time ago I sent you some stuff and you mentioned how well it worked over the other stuff. The name came from my partner, he laughed and named it but guess what he uses :lol:

Perhaps soon but you guys are always welcome to them. If you want some let me know but only the moderators.


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