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Double Hook Prerigged Worms

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I was thinking about these baits yesterday and was wondering if any of you guys make them and if so how in the world to go about it? I figured a mold like the Do-It Freedom Fry open pour could be a good candidate for this but I just don't have a clue how you'd get the hooks/leader to stay in place while pouring??

Thanks in advance guys.

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Most monofilament line is made from nylon, some other polymers.  Dependent upon the nylon polymer used the temperature ranges from mid 300 up to past 600 °F.   Cutting open and welding of worm would not be cost effective and would leave pour results.  

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I have a couple of westys and it looks like mono to me, I'll have to go double check but you could try some light braid (this a guess on my part, I've never tried pouring hooks in before) but it's worth a shot

I'll look tomorrow, cut in to one, I hate computers o I'm not good at posting pictures

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ok , guys I double checked on these and ...

 I have:::

3 - 3 cav.  6"  ( 5.75' ) set up for hook harness

2 - 2  cav. 4"  ( 3.75" ) set up for hook harness


 they are $15.00 molds each plus shipping @ retail 

 so I got about $ 80.00 in um..


 will sell all for  $35.00  includes shipping 


 email me for info and pics 



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