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ice 88

Soat Bait

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Theres alot of those too (ha ha)... Best to tackle them one by one.... I see you found the cook book thread, thats a good start...... Just remember, colors differ by brand

ty hey why would my bait not fill all the way its like it has a dent in it some times lol

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2 reasons... Either trapped air, or shrinkage

If you're using an injector, try holding pressure for 15-20 seconds after the mold is full    ok ty for the help u don't get that every day hey I new to this sit too lol my phone number is 1 518 745 9715 on ther I can send pic what I am doing and text on there ty for your help



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Im just paying it backwards (ha ha!)

I learned ALOT here!... Feels good to give back when i can

Btw, this is a good site, but it is still the internet... You could pm (private message) me your info... Unless you want it floating around in cyber space forever

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