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Shoot Through The Hull Transducer

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I have used a vexilar flasher to shoot through an aluminum boat. This was a temporary situation in a rental boat. I placed the transducer in a plastic coffee can with a small amount of water. The vexilar will also shoot through ice, if you place a small amount of water between the transducer puck and the ice. Lots of people use this technique to locate a depth before drilling holes for ice fishing.


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Any transducer will shoot through ice using this method.Ice is just water with a lower density.

As far as aluminum boats go, I took a different approach entirely with mine. My transducer is mounted on a clip on aluminum flat. It just clips on over the gunwale. I clip it near the bow of my boat with a piece of swim noodle foam wedged on the outside hull to keep it vertical.  If you mount it at the right height, it will clear the water when your boat is on plane! just unclip it before returning to shore. If you forget it just unclips and swings up on contact with an obstacle.


Insulated from engine noise.

Lets you know about depth or fish about 14 ft sooner.

Allows for a more sensitive setting.

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