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Anyone Developed a Weedless Underspin Yet?

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I've been toying with various configurations of swimbait hooks and Zoom  flukes or the Swimmin Super Flukes, but there's nothing I'd want to show yet - they're a mess, truthfully.  

Has anyone come up with an underspin that's as weedless as a Zoom fluke rigged on a weighted swimbait hook?  In fact, that's what I'm really looking for - add an underspin on a swimbait hook near the "Z" bend.

I've seen some homebuilt underspins with a jig weedguard, but it won't work well for me unless it's rigged with the hook point skinned just below the plastic surface.  The lakes I fish in Oklahoma have numerous Christmas trees that weren't thinned out before sinking them.  Even the new Do-It Brush jigs get hung bad enough that I can't pop 'em loose with the bow trick.   

Just thinking out loud.  It's going to require a pretty significant hook modification with resources I don't have.  Thanks for reading this.  

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Thanks Jon P..  I just found this, so my apologies for an extremely late reply to say thanks.  I'll try what you suggested. I guess there are far more waters that an open hook can be thrown in than I imagined.  After fishing in Louisiana, Alabama and Oklahoma the past 33 years, I can't use them in any of the waters I fish.  Too much cover.  But, I like it that way.

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Oh Lord Pard , your trapped in Oklahoma  Too.  The moss grow'ingest  most'us brush' log and tree filled water outside a swamp there is I think . I was looking at Long Lake Lures Pics . I have in the past used The titanium weed eater line for things like that because it stood being poured in lead . I then put on a blade and swivel by folding a loop crimping down the tag end with a brass or steel sleeve . Don't know if that will be worth anything to ya down the road or not .

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I made some a couple years ago by wrapping some light wire around the shank of the hook in front of the lead. Stopped when the wire was pointing down.

Went down about 1.5" and made a bend so that it would run parallel with the bait. Made the bend for attaching a swivel like you would with a spinner bait and attached a swivel with blade. (it was a little wobbly but it worked. I put some epoxy on the shank then wrapped and that  helped.)

I think if I had even lighter wire and could really make a good 4-5 wraps on the shank it would have been better.

I caught bass and Northern Pike on it. But when the last one got bit off I never went back and made more. 

I like Long Lake Lures idea. 

Here's a pic of another idea from the Custombaits site:






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