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Here's a few I know of

LURECRAFT lurecraft.com

BEAR'S BAITS bearsbaits.com

DO-IT do-itmolds.com

ZEINER'S zeiners.com

BAITJUNKY baitjunky.com

BASSTACKLE basstackle.com

I-SPIKE-IT. ispikeit.com

MF Pouryourownworms.com

OZARK TACKLE ozarktackle.com

JANN'S NETCRAFT jannsnetcraft.com

LURE PARTS ONLINE lurepartsonline.com

BARLOW'S barlowstackle.com

MAKE LURE makelure.com

LURE MAKING PARTS luremakingparts.com

PROLURESONLINE proluresonline.com




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Prices vary so much, depending on what you're buying, and the quantity.

To begin with, pick one supplier, order your stuff in small amounts+- from them, and learn the basics.  Once you've done that, you'll begin to see what you really like and want.

I would pick a smaller supplier who specializes in soft plastics to begin with, so you can call them and get their guidance.  I like Leonard at Baitjunkys, but there are others who are good, and helpful, too.

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I pretty much use I spike it and Baitjunkys. I spike it has a great range, and a like the thickness of their colorant, not too thin not too thick.

Re baitjunkys Leonard has been very active and helpful to many, even people who aren't big customers (me) and for that I respect him, I buy his glitters predominately and top up with ispikeit for stuff he doesn't have.

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