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My version of a lure spinner. I threw it together out of scrap. Four turn table motors from microwaves. It turns out there are DC and AC motors. To use the DC, you'd need a transformer-Home Depot sells one for door bells that has the right voltage. The little electronic gizmo at the bottom right is a board one of the motors was connected to in the oven, it has a fuse and I think some sort of transformer. Not all the ovens use this board, but all the AC motors can.  These are torquey little motors-I keep them running for 2 days and nights while the Envirotex cures, and the motors don't even work hard. Most of them turn at about 3 rpm. The motors are hard to kill, so even a dead microwave will probably still have a working motor. 




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i'm going to built a variation of a jig/fly turner that will accept alligator clips for cranks, or bills for larger cranks. I will use my rod turner (probably, I do have a new bbq rotisserie motor that would be good for it also). easy to make a collar to fit into the rod turner chuck though.

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Big fan of StriperCandy's concept with individual motors and vertical space use.  I've been trying to dream up something similar with only one motor, but my mind keeps severely over-complicating things.  I'm using typical "wheel" setups, but I dislike having to stop the whole thing to put a bait on (typically, I'm spinning larger baits, so it's not just a quick clip on).  Not to mention, they eat up an annoying amount of space.

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Daud, I'm finding the same problem trying to work out a one motor deal. I may have an idea, based on a photo I saw. The problem with the one I saw is that it is oriented horizontally, and takes up a LOT of floor/desk space that I don't have. I will post the Sketchup drawing within a few days.  In the mean while, here is are Sketchups of an 8 motor version....



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Doors are an added bonus.  (When I got married, her cat came along with the deal.  At home or in the shop, those damn orange hairs get everywhere.)

Reluctant to throw a link in here, so let me know if I'm breaking any protocol...
These are not the exact motors, but I picked up several sets of something similar a few years ago:

They spin a little quicker than I'd like, and they're not the highest quality (plastic insides have failed on a few, but I was admittedly over-burdening them; was using them on rod drying racks). Regardless, the price is right.  Also, having the same motors makes the wiring a breeze.  Had them running in parallel, each on it's own switch.  They do spin in both directions, so sometimes I had to toggle the switch a couple times to get them to spin in the desired direction.  Just throwing out an option for your next build.

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Another version-as drawn, it would be 40 3/4 in. long by about a foot high.  Designed to turn lures that have the through wire already installed. Wires with almost closed loops link the lures together. The wire on the opposite end from the motor has a washer and a spring. The spring sits outside the box, between the washer and the outside wall, keeping tension on the whole assembly. Don't know if this will actually work-the spring tension has to be enough to work, but not keep the lures from turning. What might work better is adding a wooden bead right after the spring, then a skate bearing for the bead to turn on. 58e6d87d92b13_DRYERVER3.thumb.jpg.011f7f979aa449cec8e3e6d5d6b3b8cb.jpg


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That's a nice one. I just received the exact same motors from ebay:


They're listed as ROBUST motors and it's true. Much better than the motors I've pulled out of microwaves.

The rating is for 220V -I thought they would turn too slow on 110V , but they work fine. 

The best part is they are SUPER CHEAP to buy!

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