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Tennessee members gather 'round the barrell.

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[Gene & Charlie look over a bait brought over by Jack]

Four Tackleunderground members recently gathered for an evening of handshakes, home cookin, a few beers and for discussing a topic near & dear to the heart, building lures. Tackleunderground members Charlie Mitchell, Gene Graham "Lincoya, aka Godfather of the photo finish technique" & Jack Long "Jacklbass" all made the drive to meet up with TU member Emory Cole "Coley, Battle Of the Baits Champ" who hosted the get-together from his home in Columbia Tennessee, a lil south of Nashville. Jack was also accompanied by his grandson Chris.



[ left to right - Jacklbass, Lincoya, Charlie Mitchell, Coley]

Coley hosted what he calls a HOBO cookout, called a Hobo is because its cooked

in a garbage can. (never commisioned for trash duty of course) They gathered around with a few cold ones & steamed up some corn on the cob, new potatoes, Colorado sweet onions, red peppers with some tasty smoked sausage to top it off, Mmm Mmm.

These four met on the tackleunderground website & decided to congregate for an evening of food and discussing thier luremaking addiction, Emory & Charlie get together every once in awhile but it was good to see em all together & puttin faces with the names in the real world.

We caught wind of the event & had TU T-shirts waiting for em when they arrived. Thanks fellas & hope you enjoy much more time together in the future.

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I wish all of you could have been there. I had a great time and some excellent food! Of course if all of you had been there, Coley would have had to cook his meal in a dumpster instead of a trashcan.

I would personally like to thank Coley for the fine meal and the invitation and Jerry for the T-shirt and the meeting place of our first get-together (TU).

Coley, Charlie and Jack are some of the finest people you will ever meet. I hope some day in the future that we can have a larger gathering and meet a lot more of the TU members.

BTW, I finally got to add one of Coley's baits to my handmade collection. His lures look good in the pictures but much better in person.


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No !!!!!! it was not enjoyed by all because I wasn't there!!!!!! :( But I sure would have liked to have tasted Coleys cooking. Even though these guys look pretty shaddy, I'm sure I would have had a good time. I spent time with Charlie at the Bass Masters Classic Outdoor Show in Charlotte. If the rest of these characters are as nice as Charlie is, then we are all missing something. I am so glad that the site has promoted lasting friendships for many of us. It is a wonderful thing to have these things in life. So with that said I guess you Tn. boys better get ready, because I'm comming over the mountains in the spring. And I mean you better get ready because I'm not kidding. B)


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While the ?bait makers? had a good time I was reminded by my wife that they also had an enjoyable evening. Three wives were able to attend and one was not feeling well and was unable to attend. My wife told me, when she got in the car, that she had a good time. This was just another plus to the evening. :D

Gene and I had a conversation about getting together and how this had been tried on a larger scale and without much success. He and I agreed that it did not have to be tied to an event, although that is ok. All of us have something to add to the get together. The time really flies by and you go home without all your questions answered. :huh:

Markell, you may be on to something. Pick a date, time, and place, and those that can make it come on. It only takes a few to have a good time. :idea:

Jack?s grandson was a good trooper as he sat there and listened to some old men (sorry Gene) talk about making lures.

Basskat, consider this your personal invitation to the next cook out. I can tell you this Coley had enough cooked for 4 or 5 more. I tried to eat enough for all of you.

Jerry, TU needs to get some 3X T-shirts for the ?robust? men like myself.

We will be ready Skeeter, all you have to do is to let us know you are coming. Thanks for the kind words.

TU is great.

Charlie M

AKA boyhowdy

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Any of you TN guys fish Priest? If so bet we have crossed by each other fish it about 3 or 4 days a week when the weather is warm enough for these old bones. I go out of Smith Spring. I thought I was the only guy in TN that liked making things out of little pieces of wood LOL. I don't care wajt i catch as long as it swims. Hope to see some of you and have a chance to chat some. Thi Luremaking is new to me so I"m all ears.

John Lenox2k

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