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Anyone pouring soft egg imitations

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I hate when a thread does not get the response, and respect, it deserves.  Hopefully this will break the ice.

The soft plastic beads you show being made are AWESOME.  If I still lived in Washington State, I would be all over this.

As for the question, yes, I did some, with a mold I made from RTV Silicone, but it was several years ago.  NEVER did I have the color options you show.  Excellent, truly excellent.

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Awhile back, we had a member asking about the center dot or "eye" of a salmon egg and I remember that being a really cool thread.  Problem is I believe he was the only one doing them at the time. 

I know that doesn't help in the least bit, but hopefully someone else will chime in.

Welcome aboard, and good luck!

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