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Chartreuse plastisol getting darker

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Hey folks,


I am having an issue with my chartreuse-dyed plastisol getting darker as I reheat it in the microwave several time. Here's the rundown:


I start of with DO-IT plastisol and dye it with DO-IT 2X chartreuse dye. I then pop it in the microwave until phase change...it looks great! I inject my first rounds of lures and they turn out perfectly. As the plastisol cools in the Pyrex, I have to reheat to keep it from becoming to viscous for the injector to suck up. As I reheat the plastisol, no matter how careful I am with the temps, I always have the problem of the chartreuse darkening over time. It never truly burns, but the just doesn't have that chartreuse pop like the first couple shots had. I've tried adding DO-IT plastisol stabilizer but I don't think that does anything. The only thing I can do to help mitigate the issue is keep adding more dye, which helps, but does't do the whole trick. 

I was wondering if anyone has had this same issue and found a way to fix it? Is it the brand of plastisol I'm using? Is it simply the nature of a dynamic heating source like a microwave that is too hard to control? 

I would love to fix this issue if at all possible. Any information you have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks ya'll!


Tight Lines

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You'll need to add some heat stabilizer when re heating often, especially for temperamental colors like chartreuse.  Most places who sell plastic will also sell stabilizer.  I used to set a couple gallons aside with added stabilizer.  A little goes a long way; about one ounce per gallon is all that's needed. 

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for me when i had this problem the answer was not to reheat. smaller batches and more molds. maybe add a presto pot to your setup! just keep it stirred an dont put the sprues back in the hot plastic. you have to get rid of the plastic fast. the microwave is overheating you plastic its the nature of how the microwave works.

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