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Ok,  So I've tried looking all over YOUTUBE and I cant seen to find anything on painting "SEE THROUGH" hardbaits. Does anybody have a link or some step by step instructions on how to do it? I really like see through hardbaits for CLEAR water but I want to paint my own now. I do have a set of Createx transparent paints but not sure how they work just yet. I will attach an image of a crank as in example of what I'm talking about. thank you in advance. 


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This one was done with a Pearl white base coat (all paints were very thinly applied).

All paints are Createx brand. 

wash with black and wipe off (highlights scale pattern)

P white

Below lat: BG 1 (one drop P blue, 5 drops P white)

On lat line: I yellow

Just above: I green

Top, socket: Wicked gold

stripe stencil: edge with reduced Transparent black

Top, socket, tone: T olive

Back, socket: touch of T black

Lobe: T black

mask bottom

belly to under gills: Flo sunburst - very little


Touch up gill cover : BG1

Touch up belly: P white


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