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Guest DiyEngineer

Formula #4SMh

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Guest DiyEngineer

Hey Community. This week's formula will be a plastisol, I would recommend it to fish in freshwater as this formula might  stiffen out in ocean waters or possibly partially dissolve. It would good to sink in in the fresh water and might have a very weighty action in your water so I would recommend it for big worm(hooked"wacky worm"style) or swim baits. #4SMh stands for fourth recipe, Semi-Durable, and Medium-Heavy. (Note: Percentages are by volume).

-64% DINP Plastecizer

-13% Emulsion PVC paste resin

-2% Soybean oil epoxy

-5% Organtin stabalizer (tetramethyltin)

-6% Nauguard

-3% Urea

-1% Potassium Acetate (mix with urea)

-2% Glycerin (mix with urea)

-4% .65 micron Tungsten or .70 micron lead

Thank You for reading this formula.

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Guest DiyEngineer

True like you said any remaing glycerin will boil off, but this glycerin is supposed to react with urea and potasium acetate forming a useful compound. Once again I apologize for the typos. Thank you  for pointing them out. :)

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