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Affixing wire to a modified bait

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OK, I am modifying some heads to accept a wire form and then will be making a spin mold from them. I will drill into the lead head and put the wire in it. I could epoxy the wire into place, but I worry the heat during vulcanization will soften it. Would a solder paste work? I figure I could hit it quickly with a torch or even a heat gun.

As always, I welcome advice and suggestions!

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I wouldn't worry about the heat bothering the epoxy during vulcanization.  I use an epoxy all the time on my master models and have never had a problem.  Occasionally, if it is a thin layer of epoxy, it may peel off the master part after it is removed from the vulcanized mold, but at that point it has served it's purpose.  If you are thinking that the epoxy is going to lose it's shape or holding power during the vulcanization process, don't worry.  Once the mold halves are together in the mold frame and pressure and heat applied, the rubber is encasing the master part and nothing is going to change shape.  In your case you are affixing a wire inside a lure body epoxy and it will not be exposed to the rubber anyway.

A word of caution.  Some things like super glue are not compatible to silicone rubber and the rubber that touches a surface that has super glue on it will not vulcanize.  This could be true with the epoxy you may use.

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