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So I've decided to pull the trigger and start making my own soft plastics.  Here's why......

1.  I'm pretty sure I'm going to save thousands of dollars a year making my own.

2.  After I get really good at it (you know, 2-3 days) I'm sure I'll be able to mass produce the worlds best soft plastics for bass, therefore I'll sell them and become filthy rich!

Since we all know both 1 and 2 are completely FALSE, the real reason is, it just looks like a great time and I really like the idea of catching on something I made myself.  This forum is a wealth of information and in looking at some of the pictures you guys post, you guys crank out some amazing looking baits!

I was wondering if you guys could point me in the right direction for a starter kit, or if getting the basics separately would be a better choice?  At this point the baits I'm most interested in are a 4" Senko, Baby Brush Hog, 10" "powerbait" style worm, the "Midwest Finesse Bait, 2.75", Speed Craw and maybe some type of swim bait.  Do you recommend a one-stop shop for all of it, or piece together through various sources?  Any Help would be great!



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The first thing I'd recommend it read the don'ts for newbies above your post.  I think you will have to look at a bunch of sources to get all the things you will need.  If you spend some time looking at topics on this forum you can get a pretty good idea of options and sources.  Just don't think that you will save any money for the first several years and maybe never.

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I agree with jig man read all do's and don't and use them . Especially the part about about vent systems and wearing a respirator. 

as of right now i am having lung problems  don't know if plastic had anything to do with it or not but  do use vent and respirator  as u only have one set of lungs. I do vent and have always used a respirator on plastic  but over the years on other things i sould of used a mask and didn't like mowing the lawn !  Since i found out about my lungs i have bought a fresh air respirator to use  because i enjoy making baits catching fish with what i make. Cub48

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I've definitely payed attention to the do's and dont's. especially the ventilation. My shop is 30x50 and was planning to install an exhaust fan anyway to keep the air circulating and keep my rod lockers and stuff dry. Thank you!


On a side note, has anyone used the Boog stone molds like these?



I was  thinking for the price it may suffice for jig trailers, etc?  Maybe not doing it righ but I couldn't find anything searching the forum.  

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The do-it Essential Molds shoot good but the finish is not smooth, like a cnc mold. I bought one of the senko worm molds it has a rough finish i guess the fish won't care but i do . So the way i look at it is a cheaper mold is not always always best like the one i have sits on the shelf.  My thought is always buy one mold try it and if u like it buy more if u want. For example i now have two senko molds and i don't like either one. One is a Essential and the other is a cnc, the cnc, the worm is bigger around , look great but is fat i've caught fish with it but i still don't like it. Then again i have one mold i have bought five i like it so well. Cub48


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At this point the surface finish does not seem to be an issue  but 80% of what I throw is flo yellow , flo orange,  white or glow so shiny smooth is of no real value to me.

At least with a 49$ CAD dollar mold it is less painful if you don't end up liking the shape.

A trap I fell into is to make way to many colors at first and I ended up with a whole bunch of baits where the plastic was wrong.  Pick a couple go to colors and shoot a few but play with the hardness find what you like then go to town with color.


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On 6/2/2018 at 1:37 AM, Hee-Haw said:

...the real reason is, it just looks like a great time and I really like the idea of catching on something I made myself.  Heath

 For me that's it in a nutshell.  Mold sources are many and depending on number of cavities and mold material, will cost as little or as much as you want to spend.  Plaster can make a reasonable copy of a lure - even full round lures made from a two part mold.  To produce a glossy surface, oiling the cavity is a must. The Ukraine mold source makes some decent molds - I have a few, but oiling the cavities like with plaster are a must to prevent tearing  baits upon removal. This never happens with aluminum molds.  There are other mold materials mentioned on this forum that do better than plaster but are more expensive, but who cares if they last and produce a lure you like in fine detail?

Important is plastisol. Not all are equal when it comes to smell, no smoke and being able to be reheated to use again at a later time. After experimenting with at least eight brands, I only use one and never need to heat it to 300 degrees or over - 280 (microwave) does fine.

Dyes and heat resistant glitter are another thing to research as well as figuring out how much to use of each.

If making lures for yourself,  don't go overboard producing too many. Variety is the spice of fishing and using different designs never gets as old as using only a few most of the time no matter how good.

I refuse to sell lures to locals. Competition is bad enough in my local waters, but to offer great designs to those seeing me outfish them- lures that can't be bought anywhere - is against my religion. And that's the crux of making your own unique lures: catching fish on lures you made that excel and knowing you will never run out.

Good luck and have fun. Winters in the northeast are long and lure craft is one hobby that helps it seen less long.


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On 6/5/2018 at 2:59 PM, Hee-Haw said:

Great tip!  That’s what I would have done too!  Bought a ton of colors and ending up perfecting none!  Lol

Ever need help color matching,  i will always help. This is my firat attempt at a watermelon without having a watermelon color. Came out nicely


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Looks awesome Ray! That’s a great match and looks like it came out of a package! 

Big thanks for all the replies. I’m taking some advice from each of you. I’ll order some mid line molds, a couple less expensive from Ukraine and I went ahead with the higher end (or at least priced) Senko mold because It’s one of my go to baits and I’m picky about them.   Didn’t order a ton of colors either. I’m pumped. Can’t wait to get it. Thank you again!  

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