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Robo prism shad recipe

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Tough one, but I'll take a shot.....

Top - Lure Craft minnow silver with small black flake

Judging from the picture, I can't tell if those are 2 colors, or one with a hi-lite.  I would probably start with a light blue with a touch of violet hi-lite.   See where that takes you and make adjustments from there.

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Another way of getting the two lower colors is Mf pearl powders. For the purple use 912vb powder. For the blue use 908bb. This will get you what you want with ease.  When trying to match robo colors with veins I use these two all the time. 

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On 7/18/2018 at 8:53 AM, MonteSS said:

Dont confuse Pearls with Hilites. Totally different.

Could you elaborate on this? I've tried searching for the answer, it seems to me the pearls add a white chalky color along with the hilite color to your plastic. Ideally I'd like to add a blue hilite to 6oz of plastic, the result would be a transparent bait with a blue shimmer/hilite. Is there such a product? 

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Thanks for the info guys. I was using DoIT Hyper Hi-Lites Blue Pearl.

I bought some M-F Hi Lite Violet and it works great, when mixed with plastic only, the plastic stays transparent and you are left with just a nice violet hi-lite.

So if you are looking to create the Hi-Lite effect in a transparent base, I don't recommend DoIt hyper hi-lites (insert color) pearl, they will give you the hi-lite effect, but will also turn your plastic a chalky white color. 



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