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Powder coat

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Hey guys I'm new to powder paint and wanted to see what's the thinnest powder paint out thier and what other brands besides pro-Tec are out thier. I tried out pro-tec chrome and that was pretty thick. I've seen some powder coated jigs or atleast i think thier powder coat from warbaits and it's super thin almost like paint. Ont their website it say they use "stonepro" powder but after looking for it on line i couldn't find anything. 

Are some powders thinner than other or they all pretty much the same. I'm gets jig head mold made and would like to use a thin coat so I don't loose any of the fine details. 



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1 hour ago, andy1976 said:

Candy powder coats are fairly thin. It also depends on how thick you apply it. I use epoxy powder from a local guy and It feels thinner than the usual stuff.

Does pro tec sell epoxy powders or are they epoxy powders any recommendations on brands. 



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You will get your thinnest coat by having the jig head as cool as possible and the paint stick to it.  I use a heat gun and heat the heads until the paint will barely stick to them.  They will have a very dull finish to them but once you bake them they will be shiny and hard.  Put on this way I do not get lumps or runs when I bake.

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