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Cheapest Bait Coloring?!?

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I am just a hobby pourer, but I don't look for the cheapest stuff, I look for what works.

It's like glue in furniture carpentry.  A glue might be more expensive, but you use relatively little in the actual construction, and if a glue joint fails, you've wasted all your  labor, and that is the most expensive part of the piece.

The same is true with making baits. 

I'd recommend you start with one of the suppliers who sponsor this site,  and see if their products work for you.

Then you can find out what successful pourers use, and why, and decide if you want to switch, based on what your needs are.

People who make and sell baits can't afford product failures, so they use stuff that works for them every time.

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Here are two "Cheap" options that I have personally confirmed.


1) Linseed oil based paints (these colors WILL bleed into each other) ~24 colors for 14$. Read again that I am telling you these colors will bleed into each other, but they are alright for solid color baits.  so if you shoot a lam with a clear, your non clear section will slowly seep into the clear section.


2) Mica based powders - 24 colors for 13$


check and double check you are procuring oil based paint and not Acrylic or what some people pass off as enamel. Both these are water based and you will end up wrecking your plastisol with a million little bubbles.


I have caught fish with both options presented.

I would also like to take this opportunity to support what was said above. Sometimes its worth spending the money.


Anyways good luck out there and stay safe.

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I totally agree with the above statements.Get what's meant to be used & you won't regret it. I thought colorant was expensive too when i first started, but after buying pints of it & pouring piles & piles of baits & seeing how little i actually used i realized it will last me for a very long time. When you're only using x amount of drops per batch you soon realize there's a bunch of drops per pint of colorant. lol  I've made baits for a lot of others besides myself. I've made tubes, brush hogs, super hogs, worms, trailers etc & still on the original pint of lureworks green pumpkin sp 156. Buy the right stuff & i don't think you'll have any regrets except maybe for the checkbook getting lighter from buying other colors you never intended on ordering until you saw them. lol

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