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Les Young

Bobbin ?

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Yes they are a necessity.  You will end up with several bobbins.  I have some expensive bobbins with tension adjustments and ceramic tubes but I like the dirt cheap no frills the best.  They all are adjustable tension just by over flexing the legs apart or together to get the tension you want. Something like this will work fine for a lifetime of tying for under $10.   You can always get a couple more when you find the "got to have that" model.

Most of all have fun tying.


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You will probably end up with a wide variety of bobbins as try different ones, I have a bunch with different colors and sizes of thread ready to go so I don't have to change and rethread a bobbin every time . And like Sharon Macomber said the level of satisfaction and your creativity is no limit . Have fun !!

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Alternatively (and yes, I see this is an old thread with an even older OP), you can make your own bobbin with wire.  I don't fly ties consistently, I make lures.  However, there are often times when I tie up stuff much like tying a fly.  I bent up a bobbin (just look on YouTube), and it works great!

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