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Repairing a balsa?

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Put baking soda in the hole/divot and drip in runny super glue. It will harden instantly and create a hard plastic that is sand able. Sand it flush with  a piece of sand paper on a popsicle stick/ small file and you are good to go. That's also a great way to cover lead ballast holes and to fill in hook hangers that came loose as well. 

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BBK - that baking soda trick with runny glue is a good one.  I've seen Marling Baits on youtube use that for filling in some problem areas/divots.  It seems to work well, because you can build up layers slowly to get the right depth and almost immediately move on to sanding.   

I also use bondo for most of my fills, but mostly because I have a larger holes (from lead or thru wire) in my musky lures.  Looks like there are a number of good methods to do it! 

The spackling compound you are talking about BobP, is that drywall mud? I'm not sure what compound you mean.

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