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Balsa sealant?

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Propionate works well but it has some downsides.  First, it’s hard to find prop pellets for sale.  A couple of TUers sold it years ago but not any more.  Prop needs to be dissolved in acetone, onto a fairly thin solution.  Then the lure needs to be dipped anywhere from 5 to 8 times to build a sufficient coating thickness, with pauses between dips to allow the acetone to flash off.  Afterwards, you should let the coating sit overnight to fully harden.  So it’s a rather labor intensive coating compared to most other options. But it does make a nice undercoating.  If you are building a batch of 5-6 lures, you can dip lures almost continuously.

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All I do is put 2 coates of  heavy polyurethane and then sand it smooth.  Tis just keeps the paint from soaking down into the balsa and fading your colors. If you clearcoat with epoxy then this is about as good that it is going to get. Sanding a bait sealed with super glue or epoxy to get it ready for paint can be a lot of work. However it does seal the bait well. If you really want to make a balsa bait bulletproof then clearcoat the bait with epoxy, paint it, then clearcoat again. Lacquer will stick well to epoxy.


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