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Ed Brabant


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I am a hobby pourer and so I buy a plastic that will work for most things right out of the jug.

I typically order medium plastic, and then add 1 tbsp of hardener to a cup of plastic for swimbaits.

If I were going to sell swimbaits, I'd explore other plastic formulas until I found one that worked without any additional hardener.

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It’s what works for you but what I do is ..

1-buy medium hardness plastic  by the 5 gallon bucket Calhoun’s plastic

2- I have a gallon of softner ,hardner and heat stabilizer 

3- make my own and keep recipes for example my swim bait is 4 oz of medium and a tablespoon of hardner .

With all that said I do keep a couple of gallons of super soft  MNF for my sticks and drop shot baits.  This is how I have found it works best for me over the years for all the baits I shoot. I also wanted to add that I only make for my friends and I 

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