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It only took 38 years,  but i finally made it into the boat owner club!!!

Ive been MIA here for about 3 years now, mainly because i picked up a 2nd hobby (3rd if you count fishing and lure building separately)... i hit a turning point in my life and decided to start learning about the financial markets,  mainly the stock market... in a way its a complementary hobby,  the more time i spend learing my way around the markets today, the more time i can spend fishing and lure building tomorrow.... so that's where most of my time has gone,  im into my 3rd year now and doing fairly well, well enough to sell some stocks and buy this!

Its a 1995 Pro Craft fish & ski combo with a 175 Mercury outboard (only 186 hours on the motor)... just too good a deal to pass up!

Now that i have access to big water, ill be fishing a local lake that has an extremely prolific white bass and hybrid striped bass population... which means my tackle box will need a makeover from all the LMB baits ive stocked it with over the years... so i guess im back, cause i got alotta new lures to make!



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23 minutes ago, mohawkman said:

Jeremy!  The other day, I was thinking about how you owe me some soft plastic baits...just kidding!

Welcome back and nice boat!


Think i owe you a slip crank blank too if i remember correctly... ive scarcely been in the shop here and there for a while now... last thing i built was a swim bait that i caught one fish on, then launched off my line to the bottom of the lake on the next cast

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