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Powder Painting Spinnerbait Heads

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Hello all,

New to TU but lots of great stuff on here.

I've recently tried my hand at building some spinnerbaits and I was wondering what method people use to paint thier Spinnerbait heads? I've done many jig heads but they are small and fit easily into the bottle that the paint comes in but the spinnerbaits with the 4/0 hook doesnt go over so well and the side with the spinnerbait arm is worse. For my first few I cut a slot in the side of small container that I slip the spinnerbait arm into to allow the head and hook to lay flat. Then I shake the head around a bit and cover it in powder paint and its good to go. It still makes a mess though as some powder paint slips out of the slot. I tried shaking some onto the head ( kinda like putting salt on something)  but I ended up with patchy results.

Thanks in advance for the info!



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I've tried to use the tap brush method, and even dropped a pinch of powder paint over the heated spinnerbait head.  I learned pretty quickly I'm not Smalljaw or Cadman.  Grrr!!!

I use Rustoleum Etching primer (thank you Ted) on my spinnerbait heads, and then paint them with Createx and an artist's brush, heat setting each color before I add the next.  I found I have much better control doing it that way, and get decent results.

I top coat with clear nail polish, and it holds up really well.

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The powder sprayer looks like it works pretty slick. I looked into the "tapping method" as well and I will try that for some of the fine detail work. I'm doing something similar to what Tally is doing only trying to use less paint. The salt and pepper shaker just sparked an idea. Once the main colour is painted, maybe I will try and add some fleck with a secondary colour using a shaker. 

Thanks for all the info!

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