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How do I fix this mouse attack damage?

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simple fix, cut off the rest of the part they chewed, very carefully so as to not nick the blank,(it doesnt have to be perfect, just the big chunks) then order a rear grip from anglers workshop, longer than the damaged area, cut to correct length, ream out the new handle with a rat tailed file so it slides on snugly,(the rod tapers is opposite of the way the handle is usually put on, but epoxy will fill the void) coat the area with epoxy, slide the new part on, clean the excess off and set handle down and let dry.. good as new. lots of videos on you tube to help out



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Terry makes a lot of sense!  The only thing I'd do differently is. The taper toward the reel seat will be smaller therefor take masking tape and make arbors 1/4" apart up the blank make it fit snug NOT TIGHT. load it epoxy be sure to fill between the arbors. I use a homemade press to keep the cork tight. You can jimmy up some bans to the real seat.

Two other thought: 

It may be easier to cut the cork at the reel seat to be square.

When removing the cork with a blade, BE CAREFUL not to remove the blanks finish, this will weaken the blank

Good luck 

Cork press.jpg

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I make my own very cheap solid fiberglass 65” rods. The competition ponds here have overhead shelters to protect from the rain, hence 65”. I had too many failures with commercial hollow rods. The local tackle shop sells all the standard parts.

Because I am using a solid glass rod blank, there is always a large gap to fill. I do this with string neatly wound on, in ¾” sections an inch apart. Once I have a very easy slide fit, I soak the string sections with runny CA glue. I slap on a generous coat of 5 min epoxy and slide the handle blank into place. If your gap is small then yes, tape is the way to go.

The point of cork is the feel and grip. If you don’t peel the plastic off then you miss out on that quality feel, a bit like leaving the plastic on your car seats.


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