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Mann's Classic Spinnerbait wire size

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That spinnerbait in Hank Parker's video looks like the one Blades was making.  I know Blades and Parker are friends and have fished together and Blades was looking for him to endorse that spinnerbait.  Maybe Blades will see this and chime in.  As far as the "classic", I think that wire was an .028.  I make a spinnerbait on .028 and the vibration is incredible and it is a fish catching machine!  There is a down side to light wire:  Every fish will tear up the lure and need to be re-formed by hand or put a small bender in ur boat. Eventually the vibration will cause the "R" bend to break.  Most store bought spinnerbaits are on .035 so they don't bend or break....... but light wire catches more fish!!

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The Original Manns Classic was .028 on 1/2 oz and .032 on 3/4 oz Piano wire.Now it is SS.

I designed the  bait Hank is holding in his hand in the video front to back.

This bait is .028 on 1/2 oz and .032 on 3/4 oz. blended wire very similar to piano wire but holds memory much better, vibrates typical of piano wire and is 10 times easier to re-tune 

Berkely/ pure Fishing will have this bait on the market late Feb. 2020


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I've got a contract with them right now but they havnt pulled the trigger yet on full production .They were going to bring it out at ICast but who knows with all the setbacks right now. 

They have the rights to the design as long as they market the bait and it goes back too me as soon as they stop marketing it. 

If they don't Market it I will bring it out. 


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