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Shimano Calcutta 200A reel handle

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I need a few parts for a Calcutta 200 reel.  Everything from the friction washer out including the handle.  It would be a total of 5 parts.  I would even be interested in buying the entire reel (old one that doesn't work) even if it is past repair.  I have called Shimano and none of there repair outlets have the handle.  OR..... if someone knows of an aftermarket handle that will fit a Calcutta.  Thanks in advance

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My 251 is maybe 30 years old and still going strong. "You need 14 bearings in a reel, or it's no good". "Your reel spool has to continue turning till your coffee's done". Right. Back when the reels had the little handles, you old timers know which ones, a company out of Louisiana I believe called Gorilla Grips I think made handles the length we use now as direct replacements. The internet is full of replacements now, but have no idea of their qualiity.

Still have some old Shimano Bantam 101's with the V spool still going strong with the Gorills Grips.

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Love them old Shimano's. I still use a couple of Curado B series, the old green beans. Worked on more of them- and calcuttas- than I can count. Our shop is now 32 years old and still has some parts for the reels and a number of parts reels as well.

Living in central Florida our shop gets in some really crusty corroded old reels people have used in saltwater around here until they grind to a stop. Kind of rewarding to bring most of them back to life.

Amazing how many decades people can get out of these reels if maintained well and taken care of.

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