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Conversion: Catamaran sailboat to Fishing platform

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A couple of years ago I obtained a 1984,  18 ft, solcat catamaran sailboat. I completely refurbished parts of it and retrofitted it for fishing. I have it outlined in detail at a site called instructables should you care to look. It's powered by two electric motors and two 100 amp solar power collection batteries. It stays out about 4-6 hrs depending on speed. It has electric steering  using  a linear actuator, among other interesting points.

It's name is the Surly Mermaid

Some things have changed a bit (improvements) since this picture and it's build.



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Today I found, just about 30 minutes away from me on facebook's site two boat seats with stainless pedestals. $50 for the pair. Nothing wrong with them or broken except they'll need a good cleaning. I looked on Amazon and these particular seats and pedestals are so expensive. The seats, new, are $147 and the pedestals are $207 (each!) This was a score as far as I'm concerned and I'll be ble to put the lawn chairs back on the porch. Very adjustable, swivel, up, down, back and forward.

NOTE: I just cleaned them up this afternoon. They are shown as I got them below. Cleaned up I got them back to maybe 90%. Good enough considering the cost. Now, to mount them on the boat.


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Just about time to take the boat out of the water here in Maine. Sort of glad, sort of sad. Sad because it's my time to stop for the season, from the boat anyway. Glad because it's been a sh-ty year for fishing here. They lowered the lake super low to repair the dam last fall. Boy did that mess things up. This lake is really a 4.5 mile stream that was dammed up and flooded for now defunct textile mills. We've got moving water that regularly replenishes itself. That's good but devastates if it's drained.

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