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Making Your Own Windshield

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I really should have made a heat strip plastic bender.  I've got a variac and several spools of nichrome wire.  In fact I picked them up several years ago witht he plan to make a heated plastic bender.   

But nooooooo.  I was in a hurry... sorta.  

After planning the shape, and cutting it out using the bandsaw and a spindle sander I threw the polycarbonate in my sheet metal brake and heated it up with a heat gun.  That was slow.  Every bend shown took at least two heats and two bends..  Both edges are bent to match the lines of the console.  The top is bent forward to give it even more rigidity, and to act as a wind deflector.  

Now to drill some holes in it and bolt it in place.  

You can see a rub mark along the windshield below the wind deflector.  There is one on each side wing also, but those are on the side where you do not notice it.  If I had made a proper plastic bender with a heating strip that wouldn't have happened.  Oh, well.  The price of being in a hurry.  

Windshield 1.jpg

Windshield 2.jpg

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On 3/16/2020 at 11:11 AM, Musky Glenn said:

Nice job. I removed the windshield from my bass boat when I broke the second rod on the edge of it. Good luck.

On my Bass Cat I removed the passenger windshield because my non boaters kept using it as a handle to stand up in spite of the GIANT f(censored)g chrome handrail across the front of the console.  Then they started reaching across to the drivers windshield.  I'm not shi(censored)ng you.  Not just one inconsiderate idiot either.  

I seriously considered letter the top of my windshield with the words "NOT A F(censored)G HANDLE".  



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