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KBS questions

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So after have a power outage and have a batch of lures wrecked using Etex/turner I decided to try a new top coat

wanted to try a UV but one of the joys of being in western Canada is lack of availability, brutal shipping and duty if ordering from the US make things too expensive. So that failed to be an option 

found a local supplier for KBS so giving that a try

anyone who uses this for pike lures how many coats do you use?

what is the time frame between coats? 

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I have some experience with KBS and have done quite a bit of testing with it. Now i've never caught a Pike and probably wont anytime soon living in Florida. But we do have alligator gar and i have caught one of those. 

Made the switch from epoxy to KBS to avoid the fish eye issues i couldn't seem to solve. So far, my KBS baits have been far more durable than my epoxy baits. I have tried spraying it and dipping with dipping being the easiest method by far. Tried it on about a dozen baits just as it is out of the can with decent results. I did have some issues with bubbles forming on some of my more detail carved baits so i thinned the entire jar 15% with Xylene and now they dip nearly perfect. You have to keep an eye on the drips for the first 30 minutes or so before it really starts to cure. I usually re-dip after 2 to 3 hours max. If i wait any longer, then i try and put about 48 hours before i dip again to let the previous layer cure completely. It comes with pretty good instructions on re-coating.  

I know most of the videos i have watched people say not to let the lure touch the sides of the jar when dipping. But i dip like a mad man and bang it around in the jar quite a bit to shake off any bubbles that don't want to come out of the cracks in the scales or gills on their own. I know folks will say that is just introducing more bubbles into the liquid in the jar but i have yet to see any negatives from doing it. Maybe it is because i thin the whole quart. I feel crazy doing it and have been tempted to make a video of it just to make people cringe but it works. For me at least. 

Oh and i usually do between 3 and 4 coats depending on how thick they are laying down. I like my clear nice and glass-like. Hope this helps you out a bit. 

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