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How can I change hook size in a do-it mold

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Usually you can go up or down one size on a Do-It mold. If you need to go really big, take the hook place it in the mold, close the mold and lightly tap the mold with a hammer. This will give you an impression on the mold halves on where you need to cut. The you can use a Dremel as mentioned above or a hand file. The mold is alum. and soft, so go slow and steady.

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I was taught to put the desired hook in and smack the mold.  Seemed like a scary concept to me working with aluminum.  However, I've found that I've been able to up the size of the hook in my mold (only have one) by a size or two without issue. There is a enough play to accept a couple different wire sizes.  

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If you have a dial caliper you can measure the hook wire diameter you want to modify the mold to fit and get a dremel ball cutter that matches the hook diameter as close as possible . Don't forget the hook eye diameter will sometimes also be bigger so I also measure and using a drill bit matching the hook eye size and drill a shallow hole in each mold half . Closing the mold on the desired hook size and striking with a hammer ( or pressing the mold between the jaws of a vice also works) to make an imprint of the hook in both mold halves . I have used the dremel ball cutter bits in battery hand drills and a drill press over the years . I start on one half removing aluminum and occasionally laying the hook in the slot I am cutting . Eye  balling the hook I try to only cut deep enough so 1/2 of the hook wire diameter is resting in the slot then I start cutting the other half of the mold repeating the process . When cutting  the second half I also try closing the mold up on the hook until it just closes . If you remove too much aluminum from the slot you cut the hook can roll off to one side slightly which is not desirable so that's why it's best to go slow . If you remove too much metal you can use JB Weld to fill in any mistakes .







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