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Selling Copies of Lures

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Hi All,


I have purchased a mold that is an exact copy of an existing lure.

Having made a few lures and showing them catching fish online, I have received a lot of requests to produce them for others. 

I'm just wondering if this is even legal? I see people do it with senkos all the time so not sure why it would be different for other baits?



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It all depends on the patents that are carried and up to date on the original... many have no patents or cant get one because it's not different enough from others to apply. 

This is a good watch... 


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If you're selling them online and there is a patent, you will know. That's the first place they look for infringement. If that happens, you will get a cease and desist letter from the patent holder's attorney. Then you have a choice, stop selling them or end up in court

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