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Shawn - I Understand

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2 minutes ago, Judgie said:


I was a salesman for 35 years, had I not been on commission's I would have told a lot of the to kiss off.

I considered most of them as street sluts, they drop their pants to save a nickel.

Oh yes! I have done some selling in my varied career so understand what you are talking about :)


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I started in the insurance business selling voluntary benefits with employers with five employees and up. I did that for about eight years travel the whole country. Then I started recruiting and train, this is where I can relate to their frustrating part. And I would drive all the way to Ogden Utah to train an insurance brokerage on how to sell benefits to government employees as we had a Union contract with nteu which is the national treasury employees union. I mean it's as easy as a layup. But he would never guess the botched applications and transmitters I would receive. I worked on commission they worked on commission under my hierarchy. So no Ticky no laundry. I remember many of nights where my power got shut off and I had enough money to feed my English bulldog and we would go down to my goat pens and look up at the stars

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On 7/30/2020 at 8:03 PM, CNC Molds N Stuff said:

Somedays I very much understand why Shawn Collins quit responding to a lot of people's emails. 


I understand the tire kickers and the guys that think a custom CNC mold should be the same price as a Do-it one. What gets me is I have bought 9 molds from him and cannot get a reply about buying some more of his base pins. 



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