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Painting chatterbait vibrating jig blades

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I am just a hobby builder, and only build for myself and a few buddies, so my way isn't for a production run, by any means. 

I paint them with a black sharpie, heat set it with a hair dryer, shoot on two coats of Rustoleum 2X Gloss clear, and then a final coat of Rustoleum 2X Matte clear.  I wipe the blades with clean acetone first, to get rid of any oils.  The sharpie is solvent-based, and sticks to the clean metal well.  Just be sure it's heat set, so the Rustoleum doesn't make it run too much.

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16 hours ago, Ballin21 said:

I've tried the round nose pliers the way you have it, and the paint gets stuck to my pliers. whats the trick?

Hold blade with needle-nose pliers when heating.

Use cool round nose pliers to dip your blade.

Don't over heat your blade.

You want a lite coat of paint (velvet looking)  Baking in the Toaster Oven will smooth out and cure the paint

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X2 for the plier method. Also what works great is very thin fly tying wire to hold the blade at first eye. Then heat with heat gun and dip in fluid bed making sure to get very thin coat. The thin wire barely touches the blade making it very easy to take blade off once cool.

Bake in the toaster oven to cure.

For the dull flat look I tried something last night after using flat black powder paint. I took a nail file and lightly roughed up the blade after paint cured. I like the finish and look.

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