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Air bubbles in finished bait

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Hello all,

I need help with my baits done in a aluminum custom mold. The mold has 6 cavities and all the baits when they are injected have air bubbles in the rib. I've tried everything but I can't get rid of these bubbles. I use a vacuum pump, suck up the plastic and then turn the injector upright to eject a small amount,etc etc. Can someone help me? Thanks

Air bubbles.jpg

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How is the mold vented?  I get the same thing on some baits due to the ribs/venting layout.  I found venting nearly each rib can help - as well as trying to have the vents "vertical" in orientation when you shoot the mold so the air escapes up and out of the cavity.  And the vents don''t have to be big - super small.... just to let that last little bit of trapped air escape.


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