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Dead on Plastix senkos?

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Hey everyone! Just ordered a fat guys fishing 10 cavity core shot senko mold the other day. I have 0 experience making baits yet. As I’m waiting for my stuff to come in, I figured I’d get the other things I need. Do you guys add salt or softener to the dead on blends for senkos? I have worm, swimbait, and craw/tube blend. Thanks in advance, I appreciate the help big time. -Zack

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My recipe as it stands

4 oz of plastic I use m and f super soft Your mileage may very. 

1 table spoon salt

2 table spoons glass bead media

1 table spoon of softner

 formula makes a super soft stick. Durable? Nope! Do I care? Nope!

good action? Yep! Hard thump when pulled on a wacky jig? Yep !


some will say different but this is what the fish told me they preffer down at my local watering hole. 

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1 hour ago, Gardnaaa said:

Awesome thank you! The way you would make it a little more durable is less softener and a harder plastic right? Thanks for the recipe my friend. 

There is a fine line between more durable and not enough wiggle.  You have to play around with your mix to see what works best to make a bait you like.

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