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jason smith

My diving bills keep falling out

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I been having a problem maybe you guys can help me out.

i wanted to add that i seal my baits with etex even the lip slot.then i glue the lip in with devcon 30 minute epoxie.

Could the devcon not be bonding to the etex?

I been making Balsa baits and sent a few to some people and when the baits are fished hard against rocks etc the lips fall out.I have been using 30 minute devcon to glue.

Are they anything stronger i can use or any tips that may help?

forgot to say im using lexan as bill

thanks guys

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Sound like the etex and devcon may not be playing nice together, or maybe the etex is not fully cured before you go on to your next step.

You can glue in the lip with superglue. That should hold it in and it cures very fast. Also the slot should be kind of snug.

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OK, I have re-read you OP. You seem to already understand your problem, but it is still a useful post for others. It is a good learning thread.

Obviously there is no chemical 'connection' between the sealing Etex and the D2T. Both give a shiny smooth surface, there is no keying/attachment.

It is not enough to simply scuff the lip to provide a key, you will have to scuff the inside of the Etex covered lip slot too.

Don't just scuff with coarse sand paper, get a small drill bit in there and severely scuff the slot and the lip surface. As mentioned above, drill some dimples in the lip as well as the SEVERE scuffing operation.


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Jason - Not such a good idea, wood fibers, especially with lighter woods, are very weak and easily tear out.

I like runny CA glue; it soaks in deep, seals, hardens the wood and still leaves a rough surface.

I have never had a lip come out, but I am not a regular fisherman, in fact I very rarely fish lures. I am a lure designer not a fisherman. I am an engineer also, which gives me confidence in the mechanics of my reply.


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I build baits from scratch and I was also a Glazier, never have had a bill fall out! as a matter of fact I have broken baits trying to remove the bill that I installed.

Vodkaman is right about scuffing the slot!!

I personally use a 1/16 drill bit.

1. Prep bills by drilling approx 1/2 of thickness or a little less on both sides and stagger divots from opposite side.

2. Spread whatever adhesive you use on the bill making sure it is in the divots you drilled, doesn't take much.

3. Attach bill to lure and let dry for 24 hours.

4. Try to remove bill without breaking lure or the bill.

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