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mark poulson

super glue trick

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I have been using super glue since the 70's, so this is kind of embarrassing to admit, but I just figured out how to keep the little silicone caps on my ZAP super glue from getting clogged with dried glue and then sticking to the glue nozzle.

I took the same artists brush I use to apply the grease to my reel gears and put a light coating on the inside of the cap and on the shaft of the nozzle.

Amazing, no more stuck caps!

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Nice Mark!

I too use super glue all the time.

A really neat thing I do is use it to build small wooden things like stands or jigs ect. . Just apply the glue to one piece

of wood and moisten the other piece with accelerator then carefully line them up before they touch each other then press them together and hold them tightly togather for about 10 sec. . The resulting bond is very strong, Not quite nailed together, but still way stronger than you would need for many applications. It's just cut and glue instant building of whatever wooden thing pops into your mind.

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43 minutes ago, 21xdc said:

Thanks... I may try some of the thick stuff... 


Slo-Zap CA Thick PT20 Slo-Zap CA 1oz

I use the thin and the medium.  I've never tried the thick. 

For me, the thin works for attaching eyes to crankbaits,  for attaching tight fitting crankbait bills, and for making baking soda filler.  It also seals balsa baits really well, and also PVC trimboard baits.

The medium works well for anchoring weed guards, and installing crankbait hardware.

I use the ZAP accelerant to set the medium, once I have something glued and positioned.

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I buy the 20g bottles of runny CA. They are incredibly cheap, sorry, cannot remember the price, I buy 10 at a time from local shops.

They come with a very fine tube dispenser that never seems to clog, even after months.

If I was making lots of lures, I would keep in a jar and dip.


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