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3D Files of hooks

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Good post.

I attempted to collect hook information a few years ago with the intention of generating a CAD hook library for the use of members. Unfortunately only one or two responded and so I abandoned the project.

Perhaps now, the CAD community has expanded some more and more information will be forthcoming. I would even extend the project to split-rings and any other hardware items. If anyone is interested in taking part in this exercise then I will open up the project again. You do NOT need CAD for this project, I am only asking for vernier measurements. I can post a data sheet to help with the measurements required.

I am prepared to do the work, all I ask is a few measurements.

I have:
VMC 32786-40. -50, -60, -70, -80 (image below)MUSTAD 91768-30, -40, -50
Eagle Claw 777-4
VMC barbarian-6 (image below)

I will share these models on request, simply PM me your email address.

If anyone has a vernier and wants to contribute, PM me your email address.




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Nice work Vodkaman. 

For designing the moulds or lures it is enough. A little bit of rendering and they look quite nice. 

Could you please send me the step files? Or better could you upload them on Thingiverse? 


Here you can find the dimensions of the VMC 5150 - except the wire thickness. 



For the tip of the hooks you should use the rotate function to have a sharp tip and after that you should design the barb. Looks much nicer. Of course a cutting point tip will be too much work :-)


Which program do you use?  

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10 hours ago, Vodkaman said:

Seele - yes, too bad. When CAD design becomes more prominent along with 3D printing then people will be crying out for this information.


Perhaps...  I tend to think it isn't very important to the average Joe that makes lures and not for sure that will really change too much.   As younger people get into it will change but they don't use sites like TU.  ;) 



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I only have a couple of hooks in 3d model. I use Solidworks and I also have a 3d printer. I do have a copy of a blank Do-It mold in 3d, that I use to carve out mold designs. It is my master. I have also made some jigs out of PLA plastic 3d printed with a steel hook. I'll see how well it catches fish. Then I'll post some pics. I just love designing parts and then 3d printing them. It is so cool to have a finished part in your hands an hour after you design it.

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I am surprised that someone on GrabCad or similar hasn't already put in hooks.  Heck would think that some of the manufactures would have the files available.  

It is nice beign able to just go to McMaster Carr or similar to download files for projects.  Recently using Loc Line for an application and that company has all their parts downloadable.

29 minutes ago, cadman said:

I I just love designing parts and then 3d printing them. It is so cool to have a finished part in your hands an hour after you design it.

Hmmm... last print I did was 6 hrs in when it dislodged from the base.  So had a very clean object about about 4 inches high with a mound of spaghetti on top of it.  Love 3D printing  :lolhuh:


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Yes McMaster Carr is in my backyard, and yes it is nice to download (in my case Solidworks) files for almost everything they sell. I 3d print a lot and I am very happy with all of my finished parts. My printer is an Ender 3 Pro.

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It is definitely very satisfying to see something you designed and  printed.  I am still amazed for how cheap one can do it and how accurate and nice even the cheap units are capable of. 

I am using a AnetA8 I picked up for the kids but video games just too much fun.  I had bought it new from a coworker (he ended up giving me a second later when he upgraded) and it has performed very well after all the initial fuss getting it dialed in.  Was running the bed temp a little cooler before the last upgrade and figured that was the reason it dislodged.  

The Ender really took off not too long after I picked up mine and very popular unit in that price range currently.  I really have no need for a 3D printer but I have no doubt I will upgrade  at some point as not that expensive of a hobby with the huge added bonus the software and thinking/designing things  keeps the brain working.  Better than watching TV for sure.


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Travis, I am looking for a second 3d printer. The only downfall of these is that they are very slow. But you can't beat the cost per part (minus engineering time and run time) when you can get a part sometimes made in 15 minutes to maybe a couple of hours. If I had to send this to a machinist or a fab shop for a prototype, there would definitely be a surcharge for a one of part plus mat'l cost and hourly rate.

My Ender a couple of years ago was $180.00. I personally  didn't think it was that expensive considering the things I could do with it. They have a new Ender that has a glass bed and self leveling system. That would be a definite plus for me. However I would like to pick up a bigger one, because the bed would have a bigger footprint.

I enjoy using my 3d printer because like you said it keeps the mind going. I clean and repair reels and I have made a couple of custom tools for myself in plastic. The reason for plastic is because plastic doesn't scratch parts. Many guys who have expensive reels are very OCD. So I can't afford to scratch any of the reels finishes. I have attached some pics of some of the tools I made and use for reel repair. First  pic is a double sided hex nut remover (10 and 11 mm). 2nd pic is a hex nut remover that fits down a spinning reel shaft and in between two bosses sticking up on top of the rotor.


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